Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Bucket List!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class top 10 things I will do this summer! 

Every summer seems to go buy like a blurr!  We all have great intentions of doing so many wonderful things!  My list is pretty basic but I know that it will go by too fast; just like every other year!  Here we go:

#1- Spend time with my Husband!
My husband and I both work VERY different schedules.  We both plan on slowing down and spending some time together.  No big travel plans this summer, but tons of STAY-cations!

#2-Organize this house because it's MOVING TIME!
Moving might as well be a 4 letter word!  I dread the thought of packing and moving (about 2 hours away).  My goal is to spend the first half of summer really organizing our stuff to make this move as stress-free as possible!   Any suggestions?  Please leave me a comment with your best moving tips!

#3-Family time!
It's been over a year since my family has been together! We are planning a beach weekend in July and I'm really looking forward to it! No working allowed :)  (I'm even considering leaving my laptop at home so the temptation to work is not there)   In case you couldn't tell by my name, I LOVE the beach! 

#4-Update some of my TpT products!
There is always room for improvement!
I have lots of MATH ideas!  
All my math products are BUNDLED in the TpT store! Lock in the price now and receive updates with all new math products for FREE!

#5- Find a job!
I love my current school but with our upcoming move, I am in the market for a new job.  Most would say that this should be # 1 on my list; but I have faith that something will come about.  I do not plan on worrying all summer on finding a job. 

#6- Work on TpT products!
I have a notebook full of idea just waiting to be created! 

#7- RELAX and BE LAZY 
Who puts being lazy on a bucket list? ME!  Someone who doesn't have much time to be lazy.  I would love nothing more than to spend a worry free day hanging out on the couch! No work, no school, no housework.  After this crazy year of teacher; I think I've earned a few lazy days! 
Oh so true!

 #8- Read! 
I'm always reading blogs and educational textbooks...I want to get lost in a novel!  Any suggestions for some light reading this summer?

#9- Organize my classroom library
Having to move is going to force me to pack up my classroom (booooo).  What better time to go through and organize all my books.  I love children's books and have sooooo many books.  I would like to organize them by category!

#10- Last but not LEAST------- HAVE FUN!
What good is summer, if you don't stop to enjoy it every once in a while! 

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  1. Love #9 - Katie - help me promote literacy to children